Deprogramming Rep. Lauren Boebert @laurenboebert: “The Speaker Has Been Removed From The Chambers”

Representative Lauren Boebert wasn't allowed to hold her Glock for her official 117th U.S. Congress portrait.
Representative Lauren Boebert wasn’t allowed to hold her Glock for her official 117th U.S. Congress portrait.
House Creative Services

Firstly, before we discuss how to deprogram Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert from her cult, we must define the cult leader, Trump, that Boebert follows religiously.

She’s Now Eating A Muffin The Onion takes a parody poke at Boebert.

What are the characteristics of a cult leader like Donald Trump?

A cult leader exhibits many or all of the following characteristics:

Source: Steven Hassan

As we can see, we have described Ex-President Donald Trump precisely. In fact, Trump exhibits all of the classic traits of a cult leader. Nobody doubts that Trump is:

  • Narcissistic
  • Lies a lot
  • Grandiose self-image
  • Stokes fear
  • Paranoid
  • Talks a lot about “enemies”
  • Always needs praise
  • Lack of empathy
  • Claims absolute authority
  • Never admits weakness, mistakes, or wrongdoing
Evidence in her tweets clearly manifests 14th Amendment violation by Rep. Lauren Boebert.

So, how do we de-program Rep. Lauren Boebert from the cult of Trump?

This is not an easy undertaking.

We must realize first who Lauren Boebert is and what was the purpose of her tweeting about the location of Nancy Pelosi during the Capitol Riot. Obviously, it was to help the rioters find and capture Speaker Pelosi.

Had the rioters found Nancy Pelosi, they would have killed Nancy Pelosi.

Let that sink in before we think about how to punish Lauren Boebert.

As a minimum, the 14th Amendment remedy, expulsion, is appropriate.

Furthermore, if we can establish that Lauren Boebert gave tours to insurrectionists, or her constituents, as Boebert called them, then criminal prosecution would also be not only appropriate, but also unavoidable.

Looking For Nancy Pelosi from profesorbaker on Vimeo.

Before we judge Lauren Boebert harshly, however, we must realize that Lauren Boebert is a woman who does not have a high school education.

She is a high school dropout who only got a GED last year (2020).

Donald Trump consistently preys on the uneducated, victimizing them.

Here, Lauren Boebert is an easy mark for a con artist like Donald Trump.

In addition to her lack of education, she has a rap sheet a mile long with petty offenses.

She has a long rap sheet of petty offenses that defy credulity.

Can you imagine a Congresswoman, tasked with writing the laws of the land, at the same time being a lawbreaker? Again, it defies the imagination, but it is true.

We must conclude that Colorado has not sent their best people to Congress.

In September 2016, Boebert was charged with careless driving and operating an unsafe vehicle after rolling her truck into a ditch, police said. When she failed to show up for court a month later, a warrant was issued for her arrest. She was booked on Feb. 13, 2017.

Her rap sheet gives testimony to her obvious lack of rational judgement about how to interact with civil society, the law and law enforcement.

And now she writes the laws of the land!

This literally suggests that Lauren holds herself above the law.

She is a liar (like cult-leader Trump), telling lies about things easily fact checked.

Sooter’s Grill in Rifle, Colorado.

For example, Laura routinely tells the lie that a man was beaten to death behind her “restaurant” ( a hamburger joint is the more appropriate term).

In this 2014 interview, Lauren says: “I started carrying a gun to protect myself. My girls asked me if they could too and I didn’t see anything wrong with that.”

Supposedly, this “beaten man’s death” (a lie), prompted her to start carrying a gun in her “restaurant.” This was the supposed genesis of “Shooters Grill.”

However, according to police reports, the dead man was a drug addict who died of an overdose.

This contradicts Rep. Boebert’s backstory about a man beaten to death, which caused her to start carrying a gun. Her “beaten man” story is mendacious, false, a bold lie.

The 'new' Shooters Grill |

Lauren simply finds it quite useful as a story to tell about her rights under the 2nd Amendment. It is a useful tool in her personal mythology, in the making of her brand and image as a gun rights activist. No more, no less.

Shooters Grill: Where Waitresses Carry Guns for Jesus! | Colorado, American  women, Grilling
Shooter´s Grill

Shooters Grill, in fact, is nothing more than a glorified Hooters.

Here is the Hooters backstory: How Hooters became Hooters

Back in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida, six businessmen with no restaurant experience whatsoever got together to open a place they couldn’t get kicked out of. True story.

The Hooters Brand

More than three decades later, the Hooters brand has grown into an international sensation, with more than 420 Hooters in 29 countries.

How do you say Hooters in all those languages? Here’s a hint. It’s just Hooters.

Shooters Grill: Conceal Carry Training
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Shooters Grill
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Shooters Grill

Like Hooters, Shooters Grill is a place where you find pretty girls with long hair, long legs, tight jeans, short shorts, and also guns on their hips instead of boobs in your face.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor and food
Shooters Grill
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
Shooters Grill
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes and indoor, text that says 'RAPONS 325'
Shooters Grill
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Shooters Grill
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Shooters Grill

The Unique Selling Point (USP) concept, a gimmick, has been wildly successful for her.

How Lauren Boebert rose from unknown to a candidate for Congress to someone  in Donald Trump's orbit – The Colorado Sun

Shooter’s Grill regularly recieves media attention (free advertising) not only on a local and national level, but internationally as well.

Image may contain: 4 people
Meet Joan and Edward! This amazing couple drove from VANCOUVER CANADA to eat at SHOOTERS GRILL!!!
The response we have gotten from supporters is truly humbling! God bless you all!

This translates into dollars and cents for the business, as it is not unusual for Shooters Grill to serve customers who have traveled great distances to be served by a pretty young woman with a gun on her hip.

Shooters Grill – July 20, 2019
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
Shooters Grill
Shooters Grill: Conceal Carry Training

Lauren Boebert Embraces QAnon and the Far-Right Militia Movement

Lauren says her mom is a QAnon follower (true) but Lauren isn’t a follower.

A well-known conservative political organization is spending big money to boost a Lauren Boebert, Republican congressional nominee who praised QAnon, an extremist conspiracy movement that the FBI considers a domestic terrorism threat.

The central belief of the QAnon movement is that President Donald Trump is secretly working to expose and arrest members of the Democratic Party establishment, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, for leading a satanic child sex trafficking ring.

QAnon’s wild theories—which include the idea that John F. Kennedy, Jr., who died in 1999, has been in hiding for two decades—have allegedly inspired the murder of a baby and a mob boss, a murder by sword, and child kidnappings.

Club for Growth, a political organization founded by the right-wing operative and think tank figure Stephen Moore in 1999, is backing Lauren Boebert, a gun rights activist and restaurant owner who knocked off the Republican incumbent, Scott Tipton, in the primary for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

Of course, with a mom who is a QAnon follower, it is to be assumed that Lauren would have intimate knowledge about QAnon, to include, Jake Angeli, the “QAnon Shaman.”

Jake Angeli: Lo que sabemos sobre el 'Q-Shaman', fanático pro-Trump que  lideró el asalto al Capitolio | Independent Español

She would definitely know about QAnon and the effects it has had on her mother’s political beliefs regarding President Trump. Again, Laura won her primary and her election by running to the right of a candidate who was endorsed by Trump.

So, when Lauren admits, “I hope Qanon is real“, she knows damn well this cult that revolves around a belief in Donald Trump as a superhuman figure is very real. It has manifested itself in Boebert’s personal life, since her mother wworks at Shooter’s Grill.

In other words, we can infer that Rep. Lauren Lauren believes in QAnon because she believes in Trump. Even if this were not so, she makes no effort to denounce them.

Although she is well aware of their radical beliefs, she says that QAnon has positive benefits, thereby courting QAnon followers as her voters and “constituents.”

Lauren Boebert on QAnon: I hope this is real from profesorbaker on Vimeo.

Furthermore, Lauren says her mom was a Democrat dependent on government welfare. Her mother’s voting records tell a different story.

Lauren never mentions her father nor her siblings (allegedly 4 brothers).

Why not?

Lauren Boebert is allegedly biracial, though her birth certificate has not been made available to the general public. This gives rise to the existing rumors online about her father being a black man or a brown man.

Her birth certificate, indicating the name and race of her father, would definitively lay to rest any speculation about her racial status as a white woman with both white parents or her having a white mother and a black father as parents.

Her silence about her racial status, nonetheless, suggests she is ashamed about her father or has some deep seated emotional conflict regarding him.

Having a black or brown father, for a woman who appears white, could cause her to simply deny his existence by never speaking his name or mentioning a word about him.

Thus, this explains why she never speaks about her father or her brothers, who are also, presumably, biracial (black or brown) like Lauren.

Whatever the case may be, her father and childhood is an area of unexplored emotional trauma which Lauren definitely has not spoken a single word about during her campaign or since she was elected.

What we do know is that she got pregnant in high school and became a drop out.

Lauren says she dropped out to support her baby by working in McDonald’s.

709 Taughenbaugh Blvd, Rifle, CO 81650

MacDonald’s has been an employer for countless teenagers and young adults.

Image may contain: 10 people, people standing and indoor
Shooter’s Grill: Nov. 25th, 2020

And it is here as a teen mother and high school dropout, where Lauren Boebert would have gained the knowledge necessary to run her own business, Shooter´s Grill.

709 Taughenbaugh Blvd, Rifle, CO 81650

In other words, Lauren is a graduate of the University of Hard Knocks. She has learned the value of “hustle”, grit, and determination. She has learned how to maximise her resources in order to get results which exceed her lack of education.

How else can you explain a high school dropout becoming a Congresswoman?

709 Taughenbaugh Blvd, Rifle, CO 81650

Yet, let us not digress.

Evidently, there was no father figure to help Lauren through these emotionally trying times as a pregnant teenager living in the poverty of a single parent household.

Lauren has said that she was proud to give her first paycheck to her mother. And it is Lauren’s mother who now is employed at Shooter’s Grill, working FOR her daughter.

So the lack of a father is a moot point. Whether he was black, brown, green or yellow, Mexican, African-American, Jew or Gentile, is of little consequence.

Even if her mom has no idea who her father is, is also of little consequence.

We know that even if there had been such a person, a father, ultimately, he would have had no influence over the trajectory of Lauren’s life, and definitely not on her decision to drop out of high school.

Lauren Boebert Thread 2 – – Lauren Boebert’s mom, Shawn Bentz, posted a racist things we hate video rant about Mexicans from profesorbaker on Vimeo.

For what it is worth, her mom has manifested her dislike (hatred) of Mexicans (brown people) and their Mexican music (mariachi). This means, her birth in Florida is more likely the result of a black father. However, it is hard to reconcile her mom’s love of country music with a black father.

This question, an intriguing enigma, about who her father is, will remain Lauren’s secret, unless she determines it politically necessary to prove that she is not the daughter of a black man or a brown man.

Speaking of enigmas, her husband is himself an enigma, because of an incident in which he exposed himself to teenage girls, one of whom was Lauren herself.

A Garfield County Sheriff’s Office arrest report (pdf) has surfaced showing Lauren Boebert’s husband, Jayson, was arrested on January 28, 2004 for exposing his penis to young women at the Rifle Fireside Lanes Bowling Alley.

One of the victims was a minor who was 16 years old.

Lauren married Jayson in 2005, one and a half years after the indecent exposure incident.

According to the arrest affidavit (pdf), at about 7:00 p.m. that evening, the young women were standing at the snack bar discussing their tattoos when Jayson, standing several feet away, overheard the conversation and informed them that he had a tattoo on his genitals.

The women turned their backs towards Jayson to ignore him, but Jayson then came up behind them, unzipped his pants, pulled his penis out and displayed the shaft to them with his thumb covering the head.

The women complained to the bowling alley owner, who asked Jayson several times to leave the establishment. Jayson refused and became belligerent, leading the owner to call law enforcement. According to the arrest report, the officer detected the smell of alcohol on Jayson, and Jayson admitted he had been drinking.

Two females described the incident to Garfield County Sheriff officers and signed witness statements leading to Jayson’s arrest. Jayson told the officers that he had “displayed his thumb pretending it was his genitals in a gesture of fun,” according to the report, but one of the victims wrote in her statement, “I know that wasn’t his thumb, because thumbs aren’t 6 inches long.” (Source: Anne Landman)

Boebert’s Campaign Embraces Far-Right Militia Movement
Boebert’s Campaign Embraces Far-Right Militia Movement
Source: Bloomberg
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